Sebastian URLICA

Sebastian URLICA

…Creative and proactive, having a ten year teaching and graphic design experience, I have worked and studied in the areas of printing and publishing, as well as training and academic education.

As far as I remember, artistic expression has been part of my daily life through writing, as well as through the visual arts. It is in music that I had my first teaching experience at age fifteen… I had it in-built! Professionally, it is literature and the world of publishing, my great passion, which have led me to work as an academic trainer, an editorial assistant, as well as a graphic designer for entrepreneurs and professionals in the field.

…Upright and trustworthy, persistent and methodical, organized and eficient. My clients and my friends both appreciate me for my scrupulousness and dedication. I love my multifaceted job and I particularly appreciate the collaboration with companies and ambitious entrepreneurs who constantly strive to excel and fully engage in the development of their businesses. It brings me real satisfaction to provide my clients with the tools to support them in this process and create a compelling identity for them.

…A young professional dedicated to providing high standard and trustworthy graphic design services and custom trainings. My creations are an ideal combination of simplicity and innovation, modernity and elegance. Aesthetics has an important place in my life: the perfection of a Swiss watch, the nostalgia of the golden sixties, the brilliance of a custom electric guitar, a well-cut shirt, an album cover that astounds me with its originality, the emotion inspired by a Rothko painting, the complexity of progressive music or a really engaging logo. That is my nourishment, my inspiration, the air I breathe. I infuse them in all my creations and I convey them clearly and coherently, according to everyone’s needs.

…Looking forward to sharing all this expertise with you, to meet your needs quickly and accurately.

I’ll be happy to share more with you, all you need to do is get in touch.